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Church organ

Mallet Percussion
Orchestra Bell

L-sized percussion
Bass Drum
Steel Pan

M-sized percussion
Snare Drum
Drum Set
Ethnic Drums

S-sized percussion
Ethnic Per-1
Ethnic Per-2

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Privacy policy

Rental Agreement

Thank you for purchasing the rental product of Japan Winds Co., Ltd.
Please note that the following terms and conditions shall be acknowledged when using the rental products be tween the customer (hereinafter "Ko")
and Japan Winds Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Otsu").

◆ Terms and Conditions ◆
Article 1 (General Provisions)
If there is no special contract between the Party A and Party B due to contract documents or agreements,
the provisions of the following articles shall apply.

Article 2 (Regarding the contract)
Normally, the contents confirmed by e-mail are the contract contents,
and unless otherwise requested, contract documents will not be issued between A and B.

Article 3 (Rental period)
The rental period is from the date the rental item is shipped to the date it is returned.

Article 4 (Rental fee)
We will provide the rental fee and transportation expenses (hereinafter referred to as "rental fee") calculated based on the rental fee table to us
so that it can be used on the rental item reserved by us. I will pay for it.
During the rental period, the rental fee will not be refunded even if it is returned before the expiration date of the rental period

Article 5 (Extension ofrental period )
If you extend the rental period during the rental period, you will be contracted again.
However, it is possible to extend only when there is no reservation

Article 6 (Use and storage of property)
We will store the rental items during use with the attention of a good manager
and bear the consumables and costs required for these. We will not use the rental item for any purpose other than its original purpose。
We will not transfer, sublease or modify rental items without the consent of B.
We will not disassemble, repair, or adjust rental items without the consent of B.

Article 7 (Violation of Property Use Management Obligation)
If the rental item is damaged due to the following reasons due to our responsibility,
we will ask you to re-purchase the rental item, repair price or infringement of ownership. We will reimburse you for any damage incurred by us.
(1) Loss, misplacement, fraud, embezzlement
(2) Water disaster due to water leak, rain, typhoon or storm
(3) Intentional or serious negligence, misconduct
(4) Foreclosure, confiscation, destruction by public institution
(5) Negligence due to the failure, deformation, damage

Article 8 (a user of the reporting requirements)
Instep is carried out immediately confirm inspection as soon as received the delivery of rental goods from party B,
if there is no report of the following, that normally contract has been fulfilled I will.
(1) Damage to rental items, abnormal operation
(2) Excess or shortage of rental items
(3)Delayed return of rental items
(4)Penalty for theft or loss
(5)Third party seizure, temporary foreclosure,
or rights If there is a risk of making an assertion

Article 9 (Responsibility for collateral)
We guarantee to the other party that the property has normal performance at the time of delivery,
the suitability for the purpose of use of A and the handling method Will not be guaranteed.
We will not be liable to you for any damage caused by the use,
installation, or storage of this property by us, or for any damage caused to a third party.

Article 10 (Scope of Liability)
(1) If the rental item fails to operate normally due to reasons that cannot be attributed to the customer's responsibility
after the rental item is handed over, B will repair or replace it.
(2)"Otsu" may reduce or rent the rental fee, etc.,
during the period during which the rental item is used for replacement or repair, on a pro-rated basis.
(3)"Otsu" shall not be held responsible for anything other than those specified in the preceding paragraph

Article 11 (Acts requiring the approvalof the second party)
The following actions cannot be performed without the prior consent of the second party.
(1)Bring out rental items outside Japan.
(2)Move rental items to a place other than the place where they were delivered.
(3)Remove the sign that clearly indicates the ownership of the second party displayed on the rental item.
(4)Transferring the lease right of A or renting rental items to a third party.

Article 12 (Announcement of the organization name as the achievement)
When a corporation or other organization uses rental products for commercial or business purposes,
the organization name may be announced as the achievement of the second party.

Article 13 (Agreed Jurisdiction)
When a lawsuit is required for a rental contract,
the court located in the location of the Company shall be the competent court.


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