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Rental instruments list

Bands complete Set
11 Percussions

Church organ

Mallet Percussion
Orchestra Bell

L-sized percussion
Bass Drum
Steel Pan

M-sized percussion
Snare Drum
Drum Set
Ethnic Drums

S-sized percussion
Ethnic Per-1
Ethnic Per-2

Sound effect

Orchestra Equipments
Trap table

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

When you use our company, we will disclose the information necessary for transactions
and contacts such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
Personal information will be handled in accordance with this privacy policy based
on the purpose of the Personal Information Protection Law.

1 For Purposes of 1 Personal Information

The Company will be used for the following purposes personal information.
1) We will use your contact information such as your name, address,
telephone number and e-mail address to deliver the rental items to you and to claim the price. In addition,
we may use the payment information such as the bank account specified in connection with billing and confirmation of payment.

2) Contact information such as customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address,
and the type of rental item you requested in order to contact or confirm the details of your order and shipping method.
Use information such as quantity and billing amount.

3) We use your contact information such as your name, address, telephone number,
and e-mail address to answer your requests and inquiries.

4) Information such as the customer's name, address, type
and quantity of the ordered product, billed amount, etc.
regarding the transaction that was judged to have been used for illegal purposes in order to refuse the use for illegal purposes To use.

2 For management of personal informationn

We will manage personal information in the following system
1) We will establish necessary internal systems in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and guidelines,
and obtain a pledge from our employees that we will handle personal information properly..

2) Restrict the use of personal information to only those employees
who need it for business purposes, make rules regarding the storage and management of media containing personal information,
and take preventive measures to protect personal information.

3) Regarding personal information stored in the system,
we will prepare an account and password so that only employees who are necessary for work can use it,
and manage access authority.
In addition, we will manage the account and password strictly so that they will not be leaked or lost.


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TEL 813-6809-2588

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